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I Cannot Sleep

I can't, I can't, I cannot sleep.
I try and try but only weep.
I toss and turn and ache my head,
and hate the length and depth of bed.
Oh come to me I cannot wait,
for rest I see beyond the gate.
The gate swings wide,
but hinged unclear.
For sleep is such a peaceful state.

I say I am a frightful sight,
well into this lengthy night.
Did I assume that I would sleep?
I guess this means I'm on for the night.

Surrender-well it seems it's true.
I know that I'm quite black and blue.
I guess that I will now give in,
and say goodnight-I'm through.

Cathy Raney

Copyright 2004 Catherine Ann Raney

It’s Funny How Your Not Who You Think You Are

So you thought you were patient

You thought you were kind

You thought you could juggle

All that’s on your mind.

You couldn’t be certain

You thought you were strong

All the struggles and trials

I couldn’t be more wrong.

I thought I was helpful

I thought I meant well.

I worked hard and gave all

But I’ll be dammed that all fell.

I couldn’t go the distance

Just can’t please them all.

Guess I’m too hard to please

Couldn’t foresee the fall.

I wasn’t all this

I wasn’t all that

I wasn’t what I thought I was

And that’s just that.

But I’ve never tried harder

I’ve never given up

I’m not going back

And I’m not going to grump.

Perception, sometimes distorted

Answers are too few

Questions way too many

Worse than a pot of stew.

At least I’m not cold hearted

Or so that’s what I’ve heard.

But then that depends on who you ask

Oh yes, and sometimes I’m a nerd.

I do believe in logic

And right and wrong that’s true.

And everything has it’s place

Including me and you.

So what if I’m not perfect

So what if I’m hard to please

At least I know what makes me happy

And not immobile in the breeze.

I don’t expect perfection

But close would be enough.

I want what’s best for me and you

And that’s not really so tough.

I know I can be picky

I know I can sound gruff

I know the things that must be done

And yes I know I’m tough.


Answers-nearly all

Questions-keep them, coming

For practice makes us tall.

God gave me many talents

I use all that I can

I know that I’m a Child of God

And that’s just who I am!

by; Catherine A Raney




There is a special feeling
when down on bended knee
I come for spiritual healing
my Heavenly Father and me.
Our conversation weaves around
what's in my heart this day
and reassurances of his love
I'll need along the way.
No matter what the hardship
that comes into my day
I know that I can turn to God
And Peace will come my way.

Catherine A Raney

Copyright 2004 Catherine Ann Raney


I Love To Hear The Stories

I love to hear the stories
my mother tells to me.
They remind me of my life above
Sitting on my Father's knee.
The stories paint a picture
of meadows full of life.
With bees and birds and animals
while the sun is shinning bright.
Oh, I love to hear the stories
that Jesus read to me.
He told me I was special
as I sat upon his knee.
He said that I was chosen
A child of God above.
To join my family here on earth
and teach, that God is love.

Catherine A Raney

Copyright 2004 Catherine Ann Raney


I Looked Into A Mirror

Have I looked into a mirror
did I look in honestly.
Did I like the person looking back
was that person really me?
I thought that I was smileing
perhaps it was a frown.
I wanted to be friendly
perhaps I let me down.
Sometimes it's just not easy
to read between the lines.
For others who are looking in
the smile it sometimes blinds.
My heart is filled with emotions
but the wall is hard to shake.
The words are caught between my lips
and I feel that I will break.
I looked into that mirror,
I'll do it diligently.
To make that person looking back,
Happy that it's me!

Cathy A Raney

Copyright 2004 Catherine Ann Raney


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